/ Visby Day and Culture at Night
Utsikt från trappgatan över Stora torget i skymningen. Härifrån ser man bland annat Sankta Karins kyrkoruin, Gutekällaren och Drottens ruin med Östersjön i bakgrunden.

Visby Day and Culture at Night

September 28- October 1, we celebrate the beautiful world heritage city of Visby with lots of exciting events!

Publicerad 13 sep 2022

Visby Day and Culture at Night are for many one of the highlights of spring and autumn and are equally fun for all ages. The World Heritage City is celebrated with World Heritage walks, shopping, fashion shows, flea markets, exhibitions, art, good food, dance, music and much more. There is probably no other day of the year that offers as many different events in Visby as this one.

At Stora torget in the middle of Visby, there will be a market  with both delicacies and handicrafts to buy home. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, Visby’s many shops are open all weekend. When darkness falls on Saturday evening, Visby Day turns into Culture at Night with concerts, theater and other exciting events.

Langhammars raukområde på Fårö
Sea, soil, soul – beauty of the northern spring

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