/ Sea, soil, soul – beauty of the northern spring
Langhammars raukområde på Fårö

Sea, soil, soul – beauty of the northern spring

Publicerad 28 feb 2023

Northern Gotland is known for its rugged and barren landscape, characterized by rocky cliffs, open horizons, and sparse vegetation. This harsh natural environment has played a significant role in shaping the region’s culture and history.

The region has inspired many artists, including the world-renowned filmmaker Ingmar Bergman who lived and worked on the island of Fårö where he used the landscape as a backdrop. The region’s stark beauty also draws many visitors seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.

The northern part of Gotland is home to some of the best sea trout fishing in Sweden, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. If you are fortunate, you can spot majestic sea eagles soaring high above the rugged cliffs.

The region is also famous for its raukar, towering limestone rock formations, that can be found along the coastline. These ancient natural sculptures were formed over millions of years and have become an iconic symbol of the island.

For those looking to explore the region a bicycle or bus safari is a popular option. The many restaurants welcome food lovers to indulge in a variety of local delicacies.

Time of year
  • Springtime
  • Sea trout fishing with an experienced guide at one of the most beautiful locations on Gotland
  • Seabird safari on Fårö with guide and ornithologist. You´ll see everything from coots to sea eagles
  • Together with an experienced chef pick the Gotland delicacy spring onions and prepare a meal with local ingredients
  • Visit Puttersjaus farm, follow the process from paddock to table. Pat the calves, watch how the cheeses are made and have a taste
  • Explore the locations where Ingmar Bergman shot some of his most acclaimed movies
Side order
  • Learn the basics of glassblowing in the studio of Big Pink in Norrlanda. Here Jennie Olofsson, one of Swedens most recognized glassblowers has created goods for some of the most renowned restaurants in the world
  • There are around 30 studios in northern Gotland to visit, or if you like – book your own creative experience
Visit Visby and explore a World Heritage Site

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