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Snirklig väg och cykel på Storsudret

Southern sustainability and picturesque beauty

Publicerad 28 feb 2023

The south of Gotland is a great destination for those looking for a unique, sustainable, and picturesque experience. Whether you’re interested in local food and drink, outdoor activities, or simply taking in the natural beauty of the area, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

This part of the island is known for its stunning sunsets which are made even more spectacular by the unique light that defines the island. Photographers and artists are often drawn to this area for its natural beauty.

Food-lovers feel at home here. You can sample locally grown produce like asparagus, various root vegetables, spring onions, strawberries and enjoy a meal for a gourmet. Here you also find a range of microbreweries that produce high-quality craft beer. Why not take a brewery tour and sample some of the local brews? Or visit a vineyard that produces its own wine.

You can feel good about supporting environmentally responsible businesses and minimizing your impact on the environment as there is a strong commitment to sustainable tourism practices.

The beautiful coastline has sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and several fascinating rock formations called raukar. These towering limestone pillars have been shaped by the sea and wind over millions of years. A must-see attraction for visitors to this area.

There is a wide range of accommodation options, including boutique hotels. Hotels and campsites all offer personalized service and a unique atmosphere.

Time of year
  • Spring time
  • Visit a farmer and growers of local produce
  • Try drink tasting, beer & wine at a local brewery
  • Cook your own food the natural way
  • Taste and enjoy the local cuisine
  • Stay in boutique hotels or tranquil campsite
Side order
  • Go fishing for trout
  • Birdwatching
  • Buffalo safari
  • Bright evenings in magical settings
  • Meet the sunrise
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