Langhammars raukområde på Fårö
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Top 10 attractions on Gotland

We have collected some of Gotland’s most popular sites, primarily for those who are new to Gotland and who wants to discover the places everyone’s talking about. These sites are in many ways the essence of Gotland. This is obviously just a small sample of what the island has to offer but it’s a good start. Additionally, you will surely find further adventures along the way.

Utsikt över Visby innerstad
Visby ringmur och dalmanstornet på försommaren

Hanseatic town of Visby

Visby was the main centre of the Hanseatic League in the Baltic from the 12th to the 14th century. The Hanseatic town of Visby was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1995 with the following justification: Visby is an outstanding example of a north European medieval walled trading town which preserves with remarkable completeness a townscape and assemblage of high-quality ancient buildings that illustrate graphically the form and function of this type of significant human settlement.

Hansestaden Visby
Modell över Hansestaden Visby på Fornsalen

Gotland Museum

At Gotland Museum you can see the unique picture stones, gold and silver treasures, authentic medieval interiors among a lot of other things. 8000 years of rich history from Stone age, Viking Age, the Middle Ages until present times. Exhibitions reflect the cultural history of Gotland.

Gotlands Museum Fornsalen

Lummelunda Cave

Lummelunda cave is an exciting cave with stalagmites, stalagtites and interesting fossils. Visit the tourist cave and admire natures own work of art or join an adventure into the innermost parts of the cave.



Some of Gotlands´s most famous sea stacks, seen on many postcards, are at Langhammars on the island Fårö. They are almost 10m tall and surrounded by pebble beach and a barren landscape.

Pappa och son sitter vid strandkanten på Sudersand
Vägvisare i trä vid Sudersand på Fårö


Sudersand on the island Fårö is one of Gotland’s most beautiful and longest beaches. Ideal for families with children with its soft powdery white sand and shallow water. Restaurants, cafe, resort etc. nearby.



Närsholmen is a peninsula with an open landscape that resembles the African savanna with only a few juniper bushes and pines. A variety of birds and rare plants are found at this beautiful place.

Pojke sitter på klipprna vid Hoburgen med vacker utsikt över Storsudret


Where the road ends at the most southern tip of Gotland you will find the nature reserve, Husrygg and Hoburgen. The famous Hoburgsgubben is well worth a visit. The view from here across the Baltic Sea is magnificent.

Hoburgen och Husrygg
Brygga på Stora Karlsö
Tordmule på Stora Karlsö

Stora Karlsö

Stora Karlsö is one of the most interesting natural areas in Sweden and the world´s second oldest conservation area after Americas´s yellowstone. You arrive on the island after a gentle half hour boat trip from Klintehamn. The price includes a guided tour of the island and museum entrance. With its thousands of sea birds, the island is quite an experience for the birdwatcher. It is also rich in history dating back to the stone age. The lighthouse from 1887 is one of the most interesting in Sweden. The island also has beaches, fossils, moor lands, orchid meadows and prehistoric remains.

Stora Karlsö


The Eksta coast nature reserve stretches from Djupvik to Hammarudden. This is a beautiful stretch of coastline on Gotland, with a view of the two small islands Karlsöarna. The two fishing villages Djupvik and Kronvall, both part of the Gotland fishing tradition are situated in this area.

Endre kyrka
Endre kyrkas interiör med pelare, triumfbåge och triumfkors

The island of churches

Do not leave the island without visiting at least one of the 92 medieval churches!

Gotland – The island of a hundred churches
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